Writing Modules Information

Time Capsule Education produce a series of Modules which are suitable for more creative approaches to curriculum planning. They promote Mass Social Enthusiasm, and encourage both teachers and pupils to immerse themselves in the work.

All Time Capsule Education Modules are Literacy based, usually presenting opportunities for both Fiction and Non-fiction writing and reading. They also provide many possibilities for other subjects to be merged into them, thereby creating an infused Curriculum. Our Modules make various suggestions for cross curricular work and each module will receive updates offering a wider number of activities across various subjects. (Note - we do not believe that all subjects will fit all modules and we are not aiming to force every subject into a Module just for the sake of it.) Time Capsule Modules can be used across the primary sector and KS3. Some might be more suited to more mature pupils, others would suit a wide age range. A Time Capsule Module is quite flexible in content and duration. A Module could easily make the basis for half a term's work. If you want you could fit it into a shorter period, although if you want to get the most out of the Module you should spend at least three weeks on it.

A Time Capsule Module of work has several components:

A Module Guide.

A guide for teachers will be available in the relevant area of this website as a free, downloadable PDF. The Module guide includes details of the genre, an outline of activities, a step by step guide to the sessions we provide, planning guidance, Cross Curricular suggestions.

Module Resources.

Resources for all the sessions in the Module will be provided on a Time Capsule pen drive when a Module has been booked.

On Line Resources

Some Modules will be supported with extra On Line support, usually accessed by QR coded items in your Module Pack. These might be online texts to support the genre, Information pages to promote research, various images or even short film clips to provide extra stumuli.

A Time Capsule Day (or two)

ALL Time Capsule Modules come with at least one day in school with the Time Capsule Team. Time Capsule days are often a great excuse to have a themed day and we encourage all staff and children taking part to dress for the occasion. The size of the team varies depending on need, but a typical KS2 visit will be two team members, who will then help launch your module and carry out a number of tasks with the children. A second day is also available (at an additional cost) where we will return to finish off your module, we will celebrate the children's work, have some final activities and present certificates to all the children. .

While most Time Capsule Modules can be used at any point in any school year, we do have a suggested order for using the Modules. It is entirely possible to use one module in each year in Primary from Y2 to Y6 and we offer special rates for schools who book multiple Time Capsule Modules in one year.