Pirates Writing Day

Have you considered how writing progresses across your Key Stage, School, or Teaching Alliance? Would you like the opportunity for your entire staff to be able to discuss assessment in writing, using the same starting point?

Time Capsule Education Ltd offer a Pirates Writing Day, which involves two characters from Time Capsule Education coming to school to work with ALL your children. This day provides an excellent stimulus for both KS1 & 2 and provides every pupil with the same writing task to complete, enabling you to moderate writing right across the school or even a cluster of schools. A “Pirates” Writing Day includes interactive sessions looking closely at the story, the history and reality. Each year group has an appropriate English session introducing the story extract and writing task. We also provide a variety of activities, enabling teachers to continue the theme throughout the day. The following day all the children have the same task to write which can then be marked, assessed and used by your school in any way you see fit, to improve your teaching and assessment of writing. A cluster of schools could use this for a cross school training session.

Why not make a day of it?

Many schools like to adopt a pirate theme for the whole day around one of these events, with all the staff and children dressing up and joining in. It’s a great way to get everyone on board.


Each Whole School Writing Day is bespoke for the client so fees vary. A Whole School Writing Day starts from £600.

Make a Time Capsule Writing Day an annual event. We offer several writing days with different themes