The Highwayman

If you study Alfred Noyes’ Highwayman, why not invite your own highwayman to school? Time Capsule Education’s Highwayman Day is aimed at KS2 and can be used to launch your unit of work or finish if off with a celebration event.  

A Time Capsule Education Highwayman Day enables your children to be able to explore both the poem and the history behind it.  A Highwayman Day is broken into several sessions. During the school day the children will develop their understanding of the poem, the poetry techniques used, the unfamiliar language and the narrative. Your pupils will learn about real highwaymen of the 18th century, who they were, why they turned to crime, what they did and how they met their end. They will learn about Law & Order in the 18th century, why the highwaymen could get away with their crimes and how the Bow Street Runners were formed.

We provide both a highwayman and a Bow Street runner. They come to school in authentic 18th Century clothing and are equipped with weapons and accoutrements of the day. We also use a large model of the inn and provide a variety of materials for teachers to run some independent sessions.

The children will also learn about inns and their importance as part of the transport network of early modern Britain. As a finale, it is even possible to experience the live firing of 18th century weaponry, so the children have an understanding of the signal that Bess sends to the Highwayman. It's great to finish with a bang!