Beowulf - The first Super Hero

Before you can write a story you must be able to tell a story!

If you study Anglo-Saxons or use the Beowulf stories in your English teaching, why not invite King Hrothgar himself into school so your children can learn all about the first superhero?

Time Capsule Education’s Beowulf Day is aimed at KS2 and is an excellent way to launch your unit and immerse your children in the stories of Beowulf and Grendel the Nightstalker.

A Time Capsule Education Beowulf Day enables your children to explore the first part of the story about Beowulf and the world in which he lived. Beowulf was told before it was written down and our day starts with a telling of the first part of the story, which means each day is unique as the story is different every time. The day continues with sessions about Saxon warriors and warfare in which the children learn about shield walls and Shoulder to Shoulder Men: Grendel the NightStalker in images and words, what lurks on the moor above Herot? Storytelling, giving an opportunity for groups of children to tell the story themselves, using our unique storyboard. Then, If time allows, we finish the day with a retelling of Beowulf meeting Grendel’s mother.

At Time Capsule Education we take pride in our ability to inspire children and our attention to detail. Our Saxons come to school in completely authentic clothing and war-gear and have with them artefacts of the day so your children can mingle close and personal with the Dark Ages.