Literacy Days

Literacy Days present opportunities for a whole phase, year group or just a class to focus on an area of the English curriculum. They are one day (or sometimes half a day) experiences that enable a deeper look into the subject matter, providing a better understanding of context, language and skills like poetic techniques or storytelling. They are best used at the start of a block of work to launch it and to instantly grab the attention of those involved. We provide workshops and class activities for the day, but the rest of the block of work is down to you.

Currently we offer...

  • Beowulf - A day of story telling, celebrating part of the oldest story written in English
  • Robin Hood - A day of robbing the rich to feed the poor
  • Dragon Hunters - An interactive experience for KS1 adventurers

A Secondary Literacy Day can be used for several classes in the same year group focusing on a particular theme, but rather than just performance, we still like to focus on the writing. We offer...

  • Victorian Literature - A general look at Victorian Literature, exploring some of its themes and why it still has an impact today. Then we take a closer look at Gothic Horror, Poe, Stoker, Stevenson.
  • Victorian Science Fiction - We examine the beginnings of Science Fiction, concentrating on the work of Jules Verne and HG Wells.