History Days

A Time Capsule Education History Day will give your pupils a fresh look at History. We offer...‚Äč


  • Stone Age to Iron Age - An archeological workshop to introduce the chronology of the human race. A chance to uncover artefacts from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Ages. The children make a class timeline to secure thir understanding of when these periods occured. They get to uncover pre-historic artefacts in our archaeological trenches, they get to speculate about what different artefacts may have been. They gain an insight into experimental archaeology and interpretation.
  • Roman Britain - A Roman Britain experience comes in two distinct workshops. The first workshop focuses on our understanding of chronology and the study of history. It looks at chronology, archaeology, artefact handling and coins. We explore the ideas of questioning sources and considering where we get our information from. The children make a class time line, helping with their understanding of where the period fits with everything else. They get to excavate Roman artefacts, rub coins and find out about how coins can inform us about the past. They handle a variety of smaller artefacts from the period, encouraging them to develop their speculative and reasoning skills. The second workshop involves costumed interpretation -  Badvok our  Ancient Briton from Trinovante tribe helps the children explore their understanding of pre -Roman Britannia, why the Romans came, how the invasion took place, Carractacus and Boudicca. They learn about weapons and warfare and more than just the mighty Legions.
  • Saxons & Vikings -  Anglaland & Danelaw - A Saxon & Viking experience brings the clash of cultures to Key Stage 2 children. They get to explore chronology in two ways, firstly by gaining a better understanding of when the Early Medieval period  (not Dark Ages anymore) was, and then also some of the key events that occured during this time. They get a greater understanding of the Saxon kingdoms an Alfred's first attempts at creating on England (Anglaland) With Aedward our Saxon warrior they learn about wepaons and warfare of the time, some of the children may even join a shieldwall. This day can easily be combined with our Beowulf Writing day, ask us how we can blend the two days into one.
  • Talking Tudors - For schools who have felt this dynasty is just too important to leave out of KS2 History. We offer a Tudor day with several costumed Tudors. This day can be scaled to your needs and budget. From one Tudor to a team of four or more. With a full team we look at the Tudor timeline, food and cooking, soldiers and warfare, music, dance, pastimes and pleasures. We can build a team of different Tudors so contact us for a bespoke experience.