Resilience - A Piratical Adventure

Welcome to this Time Capsule Education unit of English work. It has been specifically designed to enhance Key Stage 2 English and can be used to develop a number of different genres. It is adaptable and could be used for Key Stage 1 children (Year 2) as well as  creative writing in Key Stage 3.

The Teacher's Guide for the Resilience module is available as a FREE downloadable PDF, just look in the Download section in the right hand column on this page.

Resilience is a story set in the Golden Age of Piracy, circa 1715. It follows a similar storyline to Treasure Island and knowledge of the book and/or films would be useful - there are several versions we recommend.  Resilience builds a story of Piratical Adventure, moving from activity to activity. The story starts with the introduction of the main character, followed by different events the writers might select to appear in their version of the story.

The story starts at the Old Ship Inn, moving to the port to board the Resilience. There is a storm at sea, the crew mutiny, our hero lands on the island and must search for the treasure before the whole story comes to a climax in a ferocious sword fight. The end of the story is left open for the writers to decide what happens.

This unit is designed to be combined with at least one day in school with the Time Capsule Team, when your children are encouraged to take part in a series of activities to help them explore the story setting further. This can be very helpful, especially with older children who sometimes feel that they are already too ‘grown up’ to take part or play.

We highly recommend that a Resilience day includes an element of dressing up and the children and teachers should dress as pirates. A Resilience day includes:-

  • a session for each class about pirates and pirate life
  • an opportunity to play as pirates
  • the start of the story and the items in Grandfather's sea-chest
  • the making of the treasure map
  • a treasure quest with codes and cyphers
  • a frantic ship to ship chase - a busy day indeed!

We do not aim to be prescriptive: we do not tell you exactly what and when to teach but this unit provides a guide to the genres you could cover, activities to fully engage your pupils in each genre, an over-arching story that provides an exciting absorbing scenario so that your children will want to continue to explore the story world and write the different episodes.

The Teacher's guide is available on this site, see the Download to the right. The lessons and main teaching resources will come to you on a Time Capsule Pen Drive after you have booked a Time Capsule day.  You will then also gain access to the online resources we provide that will further enhance the module with more background information. There are also suggestions for a number of cross-curricular activities and ways to extend your pirate work into other areas of your children's learning.

This module, like all Time Capsule modules, is evolving all the time and we regularly update this module with new activities to add further experiences and value.