Our Philosophy

Time Capsule Education’s units of work are based on twenty years of teaching experience and eight years of developing mass social inclusion. A relatively straight forward principle, but one that was lost for many years, especially with older children. It has not been unusual to ask children to write more and more complex types of texts with very little experience of them. It is very hard to write about, being a pirate, or a spy, being 10cms tall or a spaceman if you haven’t done those things.

Growing up in the 21st century has led to many of our children only being exposed to some of these ideas in non creative media, where it is all done for them and subsequently their understanding of a particular genre may be shallow or completely non-existent. In short, they don’t play enough.

Young writers need a desire and a reason to write; they need to create and collaborate and they need an audience. We have all experienced children who will attempt any writing task with gusto, but we have also worked with many children who have a great deal of difficulty getting started on a piece of writing.

Time Capsule Education’s approach is to provide ALL children with Immersive Tasks (ITs) that give those children real experiences to inspire their writing. The more effort that is put into the creation of these ITs and the more enthusiasm that both you and the children give to them, the better the writing will be. We aim to release the stories in some children and provide stories for those who can't find one.

"You do not stop playing games because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing games."