About Time Capsule Education

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Time Capsule Education Ltd are Creative Curriculum Consultants. Through a wide range of carefully developed Educational Experiences we aim to encourage teachers to give their pupils the freedom to create and to engage with their learning like never before. We provide the children with a desire to discover and projects in which to immerse themselves. They become so involved that they don’t even realise they are learning.

Time Capsule Education’s products have been developed in primary schools by primary teachers. Their focus is to involve both children and teachers for we believe a young writer needs some experiences before starting to write. Without those experiences you only get superficial results; if you aren’t intrigued you are unlikely to engage with the writing and enjoy the process. How can an eight year old write about a pirate ship chase unless they have experienced one and have collected the relevant vocabulary? How can an eleven year old write about being a spy unless they have gone on a spying mission, evaded the bad guy and cracked a safe? All Time Capsule Education experiences involve immersing both teacher and pupils in the world in which they are set to give everyone a stimulus and desire to write.

Time Capsule Education also provide consultants for the Heritage industry. During the school holidays we can usually be found at historical sites around the country bringing history to life in a number of different guises, from Victorian archaeologists to 18th century pirates. We provide intriguing, accurate historical experiences for many hundreds of visitors every day.

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